Kitchen Sink Workshop | Reviews
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Alumni Reviews

“I’ve also been meaning to give you an update for this year because this was the first year I’ve implemented all of the pricing structure you taught me.  It’s been an unbelievable year.  My average sale my first three years in business was probably around $750.  This year my average is probably about $1750, which is way higher than anything I ever expected to make in this business.  I have sold 5 of my top collections this year, which are $3,000.  Anyway, just a huge THANK YOU.  Seriously would not have had the confidence or knowledge to get to this point without you.”

– Ryan Towe


“Had my first ordering session EVER today. My workshop was one of the ones in NOLA almost two years ago. Amanda Holloway I love you. What you taught me back then paid off tonight. They purchased my digital collection and an a la carte 16×24 art print. First sale EVER was $1350. I know most of you have gotten to this point much faster and have had much larger sales, but I am thankful for journey and that it has lead me to this point!! Can’t wait to do it again!!!”

– Lindsey Millard


“Dear Amanda Holloway, THANK YOU! I just had my FIRST and BEST sale incorporating your pricing. $2335!!!! I could kiss you! I won’t….because that would be weird. But I could!”

– Jenny Burns


“The KSW was the best thing I could have done for my business. What people don’t know is Amanda doesn’t give you some secret to make your business better and then you just automatically walk out and poof everything is great! She gives you a tool-box of proven skills that have worked for her and many others but you have to take that tool box back home to your business and apply what she has taught. Some do and some don’t. The ones who apply it and tweak it to fit them and their business do end up prospering. Amanda did not seek me out, she is not like that. When I started my photography journey I came across her work and was completely blown away by her and her work and I wanted nothing more than to take her workshop to learn from her personally. The KSW workbook is worth its weight in gold! I call it my photography bible. The workbook will give you all the tools you need to take your business to the next level but you have to be willing to do the work, and it is a lot of work. The only thing you don’t get is the one on one hands on time that you get at the workshop. I told Amanda the first day of the workshop that what I learned that one day was worth every penny of what she charges for her workshops. So if you have the extra funds to invest take the workshop but if you are limited then the workbook will help you with a lot of the back end business stuff that she teaches. Hope I was able to help!”

– Carol Rogers


“Dear Amanda Holloway, (warning, this is longer than I wanted it to be!)

Due to my full-time “non-photography” career, I don’t get much time to hang out here with you all and participate as much as I would like. But I’m around! And I wanted to just take a moment to tell you thank you, Amanda. Today, I booked my last Senior shoot of 2013. I’m full. For me, that’s two seniors per week; I can’t handle more than that due to the rest of my commitments. That’s 28 Fall of 2013 Senior shoots (I don’t schedule December…Hey, it’s Kansas). My next inquiries will get booking into 2014. As I made that entry in my calendar today, I remembered back when Lisa Kirk McCully and I used to discuss and drool over your every gorgeous post, and wish that someday we could do work as beautiful as Sara Welch and Ryan Towe. I am a class of Sept 2012 Alumni, and it’s hard for me to fathom that my business has grown so much in a year. Sure, it was a tough year of strategic free shoots and concept shoots at first, and I don’t even want to think about how many hours I spent editing and learning and re-editing and submitting photos to online blogs and finishing my magazine, yada yada. It seemed endless. But that all paid off; I’ve got shoots scheduled with girls from 7 different high schools in town, and I’ve got a great relationship with a hip new local clothing boutique that targets my same market and will be shooting their Lookbook in a few weeks. My editing and shooting are still not what I want them to be, but I get better with every shoot. I’ve just used your formula, and it simply works. Sure, I’ve got an MBA, but you’re a GENIUS business woman.

So, I wanted to take the time to write and express my sincere thanks, because as a single working Mom, that extra income means I don’t have to dig into the equity in my home to pay for Lexi’s college tuition this year, which had been my original plan. And it means I can send my youngest daughter on a trip to CA to hang with her Grandpa and not worry about how many Visa payments it’s going to take me to pay it off. I know I’m far from the only one here that has benefited from your selfless sharing, and I get so excited when I see others having successes too! So here’s to you, Amanda. A very heart felt thank you from me and my girls.”

– Stacey Dershem


“EEEK!!!!!! I just made my very first real in person sale to a friend and it was my top package!!!!! I am so excited, blessed, and thankful to be apart of the wonderful Alumni! Looking forward to what 2014 will bring!!!!”

– Alyssa Chappell


“OH MY WORD. JUST HAD A $2,400 PRODUCT ORDER WITH A MINIMUM OF $750! IM KINDA FREAKIN OUT! Thank you Amanda Holloway for helping me change my ways. Tonight was the first night I actually felt worthy of that kind of sale. The mom cried twice!!!! So happy!!!! “

-Kalyn Yeager


“I had my first FULL Prices senior and she bought my largest package!! Thanks, Amanda for your encouragement and sharing everything you do!”

– Marrisa Welsh


“I am freaking out and sort of can’t believe it. I’m officially booked through the end of 2013 and just booked my first session of 2014. Crazy! Thank you, Amanda Holloway, for giving me such a good base when I started my business two years ago. I’ve changed a few things, but you definitely get a huge amount of the credit!!”

– Susie Moore


“I had my ordering session with this lovely senior last weekend. She LOVED all of her photos. Her parents were super happy with them too again, I made more $$$ from that ordering session than I did all of last year! (Which ain’t saying much, but still…) thanks to KSW and Amanda Holloway! Oh and I woke up this morning to find that she changed her profile pic to this! Happy dance!!!!”

– Karlee Buckley


“I just have to say thank you, again, to Amanda Holloway. I have booked two seniors since I got home because of the images I posted from the retreat, and I’ve gained a lot of seniors (in my area) as followers on my instagram. I KNOW it was because of you, AH!”

– Misti White


“Thank you again Amanda Holloway for teaching me how to grow my business! Another ordering session complete and they ordered my biggest package!!!! I LOVE YOU!!”

– Carrie David


“So I had my first ordering session last night and followed all the steps that I could remember from the workshop and made my biggest sale ever…and this from a mom who lost her job and is scraping up everything to buy her daughter her pics. Although my posing still needs a lot of work, they were thrilled with the variety of poses to choose from. So just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you again Amanda and that I’m trying to stick to the program, lol…with film though. And just have to say that you never cease to amaze me…love the video!!!”

– Karyn Johnson


“Okay I will say it just like everyone else has said it I LOVE YOU AMANDA HOLLOWAY!!! I had my first sales session tonight and they bought my top package which is my digital collection and a storyboard! Total sales $1686.50!!! Highest amount I have ever received to date! My average sale last year was $750 dollars. I did the sales session just like Amanda taught it and they didn’t even flitch! Thank you again for being such an awesome mentor to me and everyone in our alumni!!”

– Carol Rogers


“Just had an ordering session with my last Senior Rep!!!! She bought my top package!!!! Thanks Amanda Holloway!!!! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have done it!!! Now, to start booking clients!!!”

– Janice Freeland


“Amanda Holloway, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have taught me! You are extremely talented and I really appreciate that you have shared your talent/knowledge with me and so many others. It has been the most amazing journey that I have ever experience, since I have taken your KSW. It has truly changed my whole photography career. I know I have SO much more to learn, but without what you have taught and other amazing photographers in this group, I would probably not be where I am today. Thank you!”

– Paula Goforth


“Thank you so so so much for your KSW awesomeness! Since our workshop, my workflow has been cut by — no lie — 3/4. Culling my images takes me a fraction of the time it used to, and my editing takes about 3-5 mins per image, instead of 15-20. Thanks for helping me learn to shoot with intention — it’s totallly changed my business!”

– Stephanie Newbold


“I just had my biggest sale ever last night…..$3100. I am in shock and utter disbelief. Thanks Amanda Holloway for giving me the confidence and the skills to do it.”

– Sara Welch