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Why not MAXIMIZE your education while you’re at the Kitchen Sink Workshop?

Off camera lighting is hitting the senior industry in a BIG way. Seniors are wanting more of it and photographers are setting themselves apart from their competition by offering it. The outdated techniques are no longer wanted and it’s time for you to learn modern lighting methods for a fashion infused look.

Join Dan Brouillette and Amanda Holloway as they guide you through this lighting intensive course covering everything from basic one-light set ups, modifiers, indoor and outdoor lighting, and working with clients in all lighting conditions.




We will start the day going over Dan’s general philosophy on lighting. Lecture will be about the science behind the light, but don’t be scared, as Dan will make this easy to understand and this will help you bring your lighting knowledge to a new level whether you are a beginner or have worked with lights before. We will then go over basic one-light studio setups and Dan will explain the importance of lighting direction, distance, and height. You will also be shown how different lighting modifiers effect your final photo and then you will each get to shoot using these techniques in studio. After lunch we will move outside where Dan will explain how to use lights to both add to the existing light or overpower the ambient sun light giving you all sorts of options from subtle to surreal! We will break into groups and every one will get a chance to create their own images using the models and lights on location with Amanda and Dan. Amanda will also showcase studio posing and studio concept work as well as studio editing techniques specifically created for lighting. After dinner we will go over inspiration shots and Dan will break down your favorite photos that inspire you and we will show how, and WHY, those images were lit the way they were and how you can re-create those looks when you get back home.



Dan Brouillette is a commercial, editorial and senior photographer based out of Omaha, Nebraska. Dan uses specialized lighting and posing techniques to create cinematic images for his senior clients that are unlike anything in the industry. After working as a lighting tech in New York City spending his time lighting sets for celebrity and editorial shoots (which he still does today), he moved to Omaha to start his own studio and bring some of that New York flare to his local clients. By implementing different lighting techniques and modifiers typically reserved for commercial photography, Dan is able to stand out and give his clients unique images that look and feel like they were taken from the pages of a magazine. His editorial clients include ESPN Magazine, Women’s Health, TIME Magazine and many more and he has been hired to construct lighting setups for celebrities such as Anna Kendrick, Matt Damon, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Scarlett Johansson, and dozens of others! You can view his commercial work at Dan photographs around 40 seniors per year from his Omaha studio and his senior site is



Dan BTS 2



+full day of learning (9 am – around midnight)

+editing session with Amanda Holloway to learn how to edit studio images

+two models, fully styled with airbrush makeup/hair

+multiple lighting techniques and styles

+very small group setting (only 6 attendees)

+Look Light: 50+ pages pdf lighting guide


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I was completely blown away by Dan’s Lit class, and I am so glad that I signed up for it!  I missed the studio lighting classes in college, and I’ve been struggling to learn for years. I’ve read every book on lighting and watched countless YouTube videos. I just couldn’t get it. Then, in one day, Dan made it all make sense.  First, in a classroom setting, he explained the “technical stuff” in easy-to-understand terms.  Then he showed several images and explained how they were lit and why, which was super helpful to get an overall view of what we might want/need to do for our own work.  Next we went into the studio where he explained the pros and cons of various lighting equipment.  Normally, this is the part that starts to get overwhelming when other teachers start showing crazy expensive equipment that I’ll never use for my business.  Even though Dan is proficient with all types of lighting, he only showed us what makes sense for our business and creative needs.  He showed us how to use a practical one-light setup, and it was completely fascinating to see how easy it actually is!  Then he showed some more advanced set ups with more than one light, but he even made that look like something I could do myself.  I’m pretty sure my life changed when we went outside and shot after sunset.  I’ve failed so many times on my own with night portraits, so I was beyond ecstatic to finally learn how to do it!  Dan is a fantastic teacher and was able to work through each of our questions in a way that was helpful to everyone. I can’t rave enough about his class.  If you’re even considering going beyond natural lighting for your photography, you’ve got to take Dan’s Lit class!” -Heather


“I am SO happy I added my extra day to learn lighting from Dan! I came into the KSW – Lit Workshop not knowing a single thing about studio lighting and I walked out confident that I could create 1, 2, or even 3 light setups on my own with practice. The time spent on the theory of lighting and the “why” was extremely helpful and gave me the tools I needed to take home to be able to recreate certain looks and experiment on my own. He broke down complex lighting concepts and made them easy to understand for someone with zero studio lighting experience. 


Dan is the most patient educator I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. He was so giving with his information and never once held out on us if we had a question. If you asked, he answered — no holds barred. It was very obvious to our class that it was truly important to him that we understood things and that we were going to take something away from his course. All of us were at varying experience levels and he catered to all of us. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and over-qualified (really), to be teaching the basics but I am so thankful he did. He has so much to teach you — take this opportunity and you’ll be thankful you did! ” -Ashley


“I was a Kitchen Sink Workshop attendee in Feb, 2016. I was elated when I registered for the class. When Amanda announced that Dan Brouliette was adding an additional optional day to learn lighting, I was so excited. I have known for a while that I needed to up my studio lighting game, and this was a wonderful  opportunity to learn from one of the best in the industry. Not only is Dan extremely knowledgeable about studio lighting, but he is  friendly and genuinely wants you to succeed. I loved that he brought all of the equipment needed so we didn’t have to worry about traveling with lighting equipment. For anyone that is thinking about signing up for the lighting portion of The Kitchen Sink, I highly recommend it. I am so excited to start implementing studio lighting into my senior sessions! ” -Nicole


“If you are attending KSW, you must stay for the extra day for LIT!  Dan’s portion of the workshop rounds out the toolkit you leave with.  Dan is amazing teacher!  He is extremely knowledgeable and ensures that each workshop attendee fully understands what he is teaching.  Studio lighting always seemed complicated and even scary to work with, but with Dan’s training everything fell into place for me and I can’t wait to implement everything I learned from him!” -Shannon




***KSW LIT is ONLY for KSW attendees. Please select only the date (Monday) immediately following your KSW weekend.***


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