Kitchen Sink Workshop | Tara Rochelle
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Tara Rochelle

Wow!! Where do I even begin?  I am so glad I made the decision to invest back into my business and attend the Kitchen Sink Workshop. I was pretty happy with how things were going within my studio but wanted to make some changes to make it even better. Turns out, I had no idea just how much I needed that change and how much it would change. I had already purchased everything that Amanda had out there in the market from her Anatomy of an Inquiry to her editing videos. To be honest, I was a little nervous that KSW would be a bunch of duplicate content and that I wouldn’t get my moneys worth. That could not be further from the truth!! After the first day of taking a long hard look at the financials and what is was REALLY costing me to run my business, I was in complete shock. That day alone would have been worth the cost of the workshop. And to tell you the truth.. It sucked. Like I said, I thought I was doing pretty good but I really had no clue. After taking a look at what I was doing and what I could change (without even adjusting my prices), I was able to double my sales averages in six months. In one years time, I have now been able to triple my average sale!! The tools, techniques, and the knowledge I took home with me was invaluable!!

This past summer I attended the KSWv2 workshop and I STILL was able to learn and grow even more (even after only one year had passed since my initial workshop). I was now at a different place in my business and I heard and took in the information different than I would have a year ago. Being a part of the KSW alumni has been the extra icing on the cake!! The KSW family has been amazing and I love the wealth of knowledge and help that can be found within that group. What other workshops have annual retreats and more extensive workshops to help push you along even further?  I’ve attended workshops and events continually throughout my career and this has beaten the pants off of anything else I’ve ever done!!

A little word of advice… It’s an eye opening experience and i’s going to take a little bit of time to absorb everything you’ve learned and what you thought you knew. There is so much information that you feel like your head might explode!! You have to be honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be and also be willing to do the work to get there. It does not happen ever night! Just be patent and focus on a few things at a time. Set goals and then work hard to achieve them.

I can’t thank Amanda enough for doing what she has and for sharing her expertise with the photo community. It’s truly been incredible!!