Kitchen Sink Workshop | Heather Owens
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Heather Owens

The Kitchen Sink Workshop is hands-down the best thing I’ve ever done for my business.  Period.
I have attended numerous photography workshops in my career, and nothing I’ve done compares to KSW.  After prior workshops, I always left feeling like I didn’t get what I was paying for, that the workshop lacked depth, or that the workshop was geared for photographers with a different skill-set than me.  KSW is a rock-your-world, change-your-life kind of workshop.  With it’s mix of business and shooting, if you are ready to take your business to the next level, KSW is the workshop for you.
I believe that KSW is worth every penny for the business education alone.  Amanda’s no-nonsense advice taught me how to price myself correctly, how to market to my ideal client, and how to maximize my profits.  Amanda is an open book and gives you the tools you need (from marketing to initial inquiry to final product delivery) to take your business from mediocre to amazing.  In the two years since I attended KSW, I have more than doubled my income while shooting half the number of sessions.  And, I still use the resources Amanda gave me to run my business today.
Not only do you get the in-depth business education, you also receive hands-on photography training with two full shoots.  You can see how Amanda runs a session, including things like how she interacts with her clients, how she chooses wardrobes and locations, and how she flows from pose-to-pose during a session.  Amanda takes time to explain why she does what she does and to answer any and all questions.  The small workshop size allows for small shooting groups, so everyone captures amazing images for their portfolios.  Amanda is right there providing help and giving tips to the groups while they shoot.  And, each evening is a full night of editing instruction so that each attendee can make the most of the images they captured during the shoots.
No workshop it a magic pill.  However, KSW just might be as close as it gets.  If you come ready to learn and are willing to put into practice what Amanda teaches, your business will benefit, no doubt about it!  If I had to do it all over again, I would in a heartbeat!