Kitchen Sink Workshop | Dan Brouillette
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Dan Brouillette

I have been in business since 2005 and photographed hundreds of seniors since then. During each of those years I would travel to various conferences, workshops, and reach out to others in the industry that I respected in order to educate myself and improve both my photography and my business. Each time I would head out to one of these events, I felt like I was chasing the ever-elusive “perfect pricing” that every one of us needs to find balance in our business and earn a living. I tried everything from “a la carte” pricing to “create-a-packages” and everything in between and most of that was done without much understanding of WHY I was doing it.

Then in 2014 I was at a conference and heard Amanda speak and from only hearing her for 30 minutes or so, I could tell she knew what she was doing and she knew it in a conceptual way which is just what I was looking for when it came to remodeling my price list once again. Soon after I reached out to Amanda and we decided that a one-on-one mentorship was ideal for my needs and I headed down to Texas.

While at Amanda’s, we broke down all of my products and calculated out several factors that go into the “why’s” of pricing so that it all came back to make sense for my business, my market, and for me to make a solid living doing what I love and the best part is, I understood it from a conceptual level so that when I decide to introduce new products, I know how to properly price them to fit in and make money.

To say that this all worked out would be a huge understatement. Before going to Amanda’s I have NEVER had a sale over $3,000 and this year alone we have had over 10 sales top the $3,000 mark which is nearly 25% of our clients!!! On the other end, we used to have several sales per year in the mid-hundred range and our absolute worst sale of the year is better than our old average so let that sink in…